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Item 01 - Draft Council Minutes of 5-15-18[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 02 - Youth Commission Appointments[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 03 - Reso Establishing FY 2018/19 Gann Appropriations Limit[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 04 - Approve Town Council Meeting Schedule for FY 2018/19[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 05 - FY 2018/19 Operating Budget and FY208/19-2022/23 Capital Improvement Program[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 06 - All City Management Services Inc, LG Union School District and Union School District for Crossing Guard Svcs[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 07 - Consolidation of November 6, 2018 General Municipal Election with Santa Clara County[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 08 - PPW Job No. 18-811-9901 Annual Street Repair and Resurfacing Project ‎(Rubber Cape Seal)‎[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 09 - Tree Trimming and Maintenance Services Agreement with Brightview Tree Company[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 10 - Third Amendment to the Agreement with St. Francis Electric[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 11 - First Amendment to the Agreement for Services with Statewide Traffic Safety and Signs[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 12 - Agreement with Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce for Town's Info Center and Leadership Los Gatos[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 13 - Library Board Recommendation to Update Library's Open Hours to the Public[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 14 - School Bus Pilot Program[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 15 - Reso Approving Amendments to the North 40 Specific Plan[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 16 - Zone Change Application Z-17-001: 221 Almendra Avenue[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 17 - Reso Submitting a Local General Revenue Tax Measure to the Voters[Icon] DEFAULT
Item 18 - Reso Suspending Town Code Section 29.20.185 re REgulations for Formula Retail Businesses[Icon] DEFAULT
Agenda[Icon] 4 DEFAULT Clerks
Our Town - ADU presentation[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
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