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RESOLUTION 2019-060 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />DECLARING WEEDS TO BE A PUBLIC NUISANCE AND <br />SET HEARING DATE OF JANUARY 21, 2020 TO CONSIDER OBJECTIONS FOR <br />PROPOSED REMOVAL <br />WHEREAS, Section 39501 and Section 39502 of the Government Code of the State of <br />California authorize the Town of Los Gatos to prescribe a procedure for compelling the owner, <br />lessees or occupant of buildings, grounds, or lots to remove hazardous vegetation (weeds) from <br />such buildings or grounds and adjacent sidewalks, and, upon his failure to do so, to remove such <br />hazardous vegetation (weeds) at owner's expense, making the cost thereof a lien upon such <br />property; and <br />WHEREAS, the Town of Los Gatos, by ordinance, has adopted such a procedure, codified <br />in Chapter 11, Article II, Sections 11. 20.010 through 11.20.045 of the Los Gatos Town Code. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: that the Town Council hereby finds that hazardous <br />vegetation "weeds," as that term is defined in Section 11.20.010, are growing upon and adjacent <br />to private property within the Town of Los Gatos, and declares that all hazardous vegetation <br />weeds) growing upon any private property or properties, and in any sidewalk street, or alley <br />within the Town of Los Gatos are a public nuisance and should be abated. <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that unless such nuisance be abated by the destruction or <br />removal of such hazardous vegetation (weeds) within thirty (30) days after the adoption of this <br />resolution, or within the time specified in a written agreement with the Town of Los Gatos <br />Director of Parks and Public Works, or his representative, whichever time shall be later, as <br />provided in Chapter 11, Article II, of the Los Gatos Town Code, the Town of Los Gatos shall cause <br />such nuisance to be abated, and the expense thereof assessed upon the lots and lands from <br />which, or in the front and rear of which, such hazardous vegetation (weeds) shall have been <br />destroyed or removed, such expense constituting a lien upon such lots or lands until paid, and to <br />be collected upon the next tax roll upon which general municipal taxes are collected. <br />1of2 <br />Resolution 2019-060 December 3, 2019 <br />ATTACHMENT 2