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Town of Los Gatos – Stormwater Master Plan <br />Task 1. Project Management <br />CONSULTANT shall be responsible for schedule, quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC), <br />technical management, budget adherence, and contractual obligations. CONSULTANT will <br />follow established internal QA/QC procedures. This task involves regular monthly invoicing <br />and progress reports. <br />As a follow up to the initial scoping meeting held at the Town on 11-5-19, the CONSULTANT <br />will facilitate a kick-off in-person meeting (Meeting #1) with the Town’s Point of Contact (POC) <br />to review the project scope, a detailed schedule, and to identify any changes to the key project <br />team members. Prior to the meeting, CONSULTANT will provide the Town a revised draft <br />project schedule and a list of additional data requests if any. Following the kick-off meeting <br />CONSULTANT will update the schedule to reflect comments from the Town. This scope <br />includes up to two additional updates to the schedule during the life of the project. <br />The CONSULTANT’s Project Manager will facilitate informal project progress calls as <br />necessary. At specific project milestones, the CONSULTANT’s Project Manager and select <br />Team members will meet with the Town’s POC, typically by teleconference or Go To Meeting. <br />Go To Meeting is an online and web conferencing tool that will allow our team to share <br />important visual information will attendees. We have also assumed that up to two meetings <br />(Meetings #1 and #6) may be in person and held at the Town of Los Gatos facilities. These <br />meetings are accounted for in the respective tasks below and are assumed will be up to two <br />hours in length. CONSULTANT will prepare a meeting agenda and summary for each in-person <br />and Go To Meeting for the Town’s records. <br />Deliverables: <br />Draft and Final Project schedule with up to two updates <br />Kickoff meeting Agenda and Summary (Meeting #1) <br />Monthly progress updates via email and invoicing <br />Assumptions: <br />Meetings related to Tasks 2 through 4 will be included as part of their respective task. <br />In person meetings will be held at Town of Los Gatos facilities <br />The schedule may be revised twice during the life of the Project. <br />Task 2. Data Collection <br />This task will include compiling and reviewing existing information, confirming data needs and <br />accuracy requirements, developing a Project Delivery Memo (PDM), and collecting additional <br />data on the Town’s storm drain GIS beyond what was collected after the scoping meeting. <br />Task 2.1 Coordination and Material Review <br />The CONSULTANT will review existing information with a focus on the Town’s current storm <br />drain GIS data and existing Master Plan of Drainage along with data from the Santa Clara <br />County and Santa Clara Valley Water. Following the review, CONSULTANT will conduct a <br />Technical Kick-off Go To Meeting (Meeting #2) with the POC and key team members to discuss <br />the results of the data review, confirm the spatial accuracy and proposed attributes to be <br />collected during field work, and review the approach for modeling the storm drain system. <br />EXHIBIT A