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ATTACHMENT 2 <br />Page 1 of 9 <br />AGREEMENT <br />BETWEEN <br />THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />AND <br />THE CITY OF MONTE SERENO <br />FOR THE PAVEMENT REHABILITATION OF <br />BICKNELL ROAD <br />FROM QUITO ROAD TO ELM PARK <br /> <br />This Agreement (herein “Agreement”) is made and entered into this ___ day of ____________, 2020, <br />(herein the “Effective Date”) by and between the Town of Los Gatos, a California, municipal <br />corporation (herein “TOWN”), and City of Monte Sereno, a California, municipal corporation (herein <br />“CITY”). The TOWN and CITY may be referred to herein individually or collectively as the <br />“Parties”. <br /> <br />RECITALS <br /> <br />WHEREAS: <br /> <br />A. TOWN and CITY find that it is in the public interest to resurface the roadways at <br />Bicknell Road (between Quito Road and Elm Park) over which the TOWN and CITY <br />have dual jurisdiction; <br /> <br />B. It is in the public interest for TOWN and CITY to complete the PROJECT in a <br />cooperative and economical manner by constructing both TOWN and CITY portions of <br />the PROJECT together; and <br /> <br />C. Each Party has agreed to perform its portion of the work as described herein, under its <br />direction. <br /> <br />In consideration of the above referenced recitals and the following mutual covenants, agreements and <br />obligations of the parties, TOWN and CITY agree as follows: <br /> <br />AGREEMENT PROVISIONS <br /> <br />1. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: <br /> <br />The Town of Los Gatos is planning to have its contractor resurface the roadway at Bicknell <br />Road between Quito Road and Elm Park over which the TOWN and CITY have dual <br />jurisdiction. The plan calls for resurfacing a total of 0.55 miles of Bicknell Road between Quito <br />Road and Elm Park, which is owned and maintained by the Town of Los Gatos. The TOWN <br />has included the section of Bicknell Road that is maintained by the CITY in the project with the <br />understanding that the CITY would pay for the work via this cost sharing agreement. This <br />section of roadway is in need of rehabilitation given its current condition. Based on <br />StreetSaver, the pavement management system database used by the TOWN, the average <br />pavement condition index on Bicknell Road is 75. <br />