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1 <br />9120460.1 LC001-009 <br />AGREEMENT FOR SPECIAL SERVICES <br />This Agreement is entered into between the law firm of LIEBERT CASSIDY <br />WHITMORE, A Professional Corporation (“Attorney”), and the TOWN OF LOS <br />GATOS, A Municipal Corporation (“Town”). <br />1.Conditions <br />This Agreement will not take effect, and Attorney will have no obligation to <br />provide services, until Town returns a properly signed and executed copy of this <br />Agreement. <br />2.Attorney’s Services <br />Attorney agrees to provide Town with consulting, representational and legal <br />services pertaining to employment relations matters, including representation in <br />negotiations and in administrative and court proceedings, as requested by Town or <br />otherwise required by law. <br />3.Fees, Costs, Expenses <br />Town agrees to pay Attorney the sums billed monthly for time spent by Attorney <br />in providing the services, including reasonable travel time. <br />The current range of hourly rates for Attorney time is from Two Hundred Ten to <br />Three Hundred Eighty Dollars ($210.00 - $380.00). See Schedule I for a full Fee <br />Schedule. Attorney reviews its hourly rates on an annual basis and, if appropriate, <br />adjusts them effective July 1. Attorney will provide the Town with written notification of <br />any adjustment in the range of rates. Attorney bills its time in minimum units of one- <br />tenth of an hour. <br />ATTACHMENT 1