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<br /> Public Benefit Assessment for Public Art Research Study <br />Prepared by The Arts and Culture Commission for the Town of Los Gatos <br />Final Report: January 2018 <br />Summary <br />In January 2016, after almost a two-year deliberation, the Arts & Culture Commission of Los Gatos <br />(ACC) presented a comprehensive Strategic Plan to the Town Council for art and cultural enhancement <br />in the town. The plan was accepted by the Council who encouraged its implementation. Council also <br />voted to allot funds to begin implementing the strategic plan. The ACC used those funds to conduct <br />research on art development and cultural enrichment practices in similar towns and cities in California <br />and other parts of the country. The goal of the research study was to provide guidance in <br />recom <br />that research. <br />The research study indicates that the majority municipalities surveyed have budgeted specific, annual <br />amounts of money to support their arts programs. In addition to accepting private contributions, <br />municipalities have established small development funding models that draw funding from private <br />construction projects as an essential component of program fundraising. <br />Conclusion <br />The ACC believes that the positive experiences of the communities studied will benefit the Town of Los <br />Gatos in its own quest to promoting arts and cultural enrichment in our town. Establishing a <br />development funding model for private construction projects will be in line with similar programs in <br />other communities that we have studied. Establishing a development funding model for private and/or <br />public construction projects in Los Gatos will be in line with similar programs in other communities that <br />we have studied. It will also meet the demand on a multi-year basis to fund public art projects. <br />Recommendation <br />Town of Los Gatos pass a Public Benefit Assessment for Public Art designating one half of <br />one percent (.5%) of total construction costs of private development and construction <br />projects greater than $200k. <br /> <br />