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1995-001-Endorsing Los Gatos Rowing Club Application For A New Boathouse At Lexington Reservior's Banjo Point[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-002-Amending Agreement Between The Town And Town Attorney[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-003-Approving Final Map Of Tract No. 8615[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-004-Accepting Work Of Pacific Electronic Company On Project 9324[Icon] 5 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-005-Accepting Work Of Cimarron Construction On Project 9326[Icon] 5 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-006-Execute A Grant Deed To The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation For Property Located At 1673 East 4Th Street, Pittsburg, California[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-007-Execute Agreement Authorizing The Central Fire District To Establish And Enforce The Brush Abatement Program[Icon] 5 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-008-Approving The Transfer Of The General Partnership Of The Cable Television Franchise Of Southbay Cablevision From Hernandez Communications[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-009 - Establishing Interim Policies for Development Applications Along LGB from Spencer Ave to Route 85[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-009-Establishing Interim Policies For Development Applications Along Los Gatos Boulevard From Spencer Avenue To Route 85[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-010-Authorizing The Execution OF An Agreement With P&F Construction, Inc., For Project 9308[Icon] 4 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-011-Accepting Work Of Arbor Care On Project 9325[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-012-Approving Plans And Specifications For Project- 9432 Tree Pruning And Removal[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-013-Amending Resolution 1992-128 Converting The North Side Of Bean Avenue, From Victory Lane To Wilder Avenue, From Existing Commercial Parking To Standard Almond Grove Parking[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-014-Reject Bids For Purchase Of One 4x4 Truck With Utility Body[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-015-Execute Agreement With The State Of California Department Of General Services, For Purchase Of 12 1995 Model CHP Class "E" Special Services Vehicles[Icon] 4 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-016-Execute An Agreement With Liebert, Cassidy & Frierson, Bay Area Employment Relations Consortium For Special Services Relating To Legal Training And Consulting[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-017-Approving Management Compensation Plan For Fiscal Year 1994-95[Icon] 17 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-018-Proclaiming And Declaring A Local Emergency[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-019-Modifying Rates For Solid Waste Management Services[Icon] 10 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-020-Accept Transfer Of Public Right Of Way At Blossom Hill And Roberts Road From The County Of Santa Clara[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-021-Execute An Encroachment Permit Agreement With Metricom, Incorporated For Installation Of Radios On Street Light Poles And Traffic Signals[Icon] 5 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-022-Sign The Agreement With The Santa Clara Valley Water District In Support Of Part A Of The Storm Water Infiltration Device Policy, And Prohibiting New Infiltration Devices In The Public Right-Of-Way[Icon] 6 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-023-Accepting Work Of Graham Contractors, Inc. On Project 9421 Bi-Annual Street Resurfacing And Authorizing The Town Manager To Execute Certificate Of Accepting And Notice Of Completion For Recording By Town Clerk[Icon] 5 DEFAULT Clerks
1995-024-Making Findings Regarding The Rate Base For Green Valley Disposal Company For 1994-1996 And Establishing Base Rates For Refuse Collection In The Town Of Los Gatos[Icon] 32 DEFAULT Clerks
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