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1999-001-Approving Passport Acceptance Agency Services In The Town Clerk's Office[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-002-Accepting Work Of George Bianchi Construction Project 9712[Icon] 5 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-003-Accepting Work Of West Valley Construction Company Project 9818[Icon] 5 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-004-Accepting Work Of Playgrounds Unlimited For Project 9806[Icon] 4 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-005-Authorizing The Town Manager To Execute An Amendment To The Agreement With The Watry Design Group To Provide Project 9925[Icon] 4 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-006-Enter Into First Amendment To Agreement With Willdan Associates To Provide Town Engineering And Traffic Engineering Services[Icon] 16 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-007-Amending Agreement Between The Town And Town Attorney[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-008-Deny A Request For Approval To Demolish An Existing Pre-1941 Residence And Change The Zoning Designation From R-1:10 To R-1:10-PD[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-009-Amending The "Central Business District Streetscape And Improvement Guidelines"[Icon] 4 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-010-Consenting To The Merger Of TCI And AT&T Corporation Pursuant To Code Of The Town Section 7.20.030[Icon] 7 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-011-Authorizing Town Manager To Execute Program Supplement For Project 9515[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-012-Authorizing Manager To Execute An Agreement With Playgrounds Unlimited Inc[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-013-Authorizing Contract Of Plans, Specifications And Estimates For Project 9935[Icon] 14 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-014 Reorganization Of Territory Ferris Avenue No. 6[Icon] 7 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-015-Authorizing The Town Manager To Execute A Contract Amendment To The Agreement With Park View Village Associates For Valet Parking At 141 South Santa Cruz Avenue[Icon] 9 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-016-Execute A CDBG Funding Agreement With Community Developers[Icon] 13 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-017-Approving Plans And Specifications For Project 9931[Icon] 6 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-018-Expressing Appreciation For Richard Balch's Service To The Community[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-019-Approving Plans And Specifications For Project 9804 Street Resurfacing Program, And Authorizing Advertisement For Project 9804[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-020-Adopt Resolution Authorizing The Town Manager To Enter Into An Agreement Between The Town And City Of Monte Sereno For Project 9804[Icon] 11 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-021-Execute An Agreement With Diablo Landscaping For Project 9936[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-022 - Authorize Town Manager to Execute an Agreement with Muscato Signs[Icon] 8 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-023-Authorizing Town Manager To Execute An Agreement With Pelco Products, Inc.[Icon] 11 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-024-Authorizing Town Manger To Execute And File An Application With The Metropolitan Transportation Commission Allocation Of Transportation Development Act[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1999-025-A Negative Declaration And A Conditional Use Permit To Construct 12 Studio Apartments[Icon] 5 DEFAULT Clerks
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