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2. That the following findings are made by the Town Council of the Town of Los Gatos: <br />a. Said territory is uninhabited and comprises approximately 0.23 acres. <br />b. The annexation is consistent with the orderly annexation of territory within the <br />Town's Urban Service Area and is consistent with the Town policy of annexing when <br />required by the Town's agreement with the County of Santa Clara. <br />c. The project is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) under <br />Title 14 Code of Regulations, Chapter 3: Guidelines for the Implementation of CEQA <br />Section 15061(b)(3): Review for Exemption. <br />d. The Town Council enacted Ordinance 1267 in 1975 pre - zoning the subject territory <br />with an R -1:8 (single - family residential, 8,000 - square foot minimum lot size) zoning <br />designation. <br />e. The territory is within the Town's Urban Service Area as adopted by the Local <br />Agency Formation Commission of Santa Clara County. <br />f. The County Surveyor has determined the boundaries of the proposed annexation to be <br />definite and certain, and in compliance with the Commission's road annexation <br />policies. The County Surveyor has been reimbursed for the actual cost incurred by <br />the County Surveyor in making this determination. <br />g. The proposed annexation will not create an island, and will facilitate provision of <br />efficient municipal services. <br />h. The proposed annexation does not split lines of assessment or ownership. <br />i. The proposed annexation is consistent with the Town's General Plan. <br />j. The territory to be annexed is contiguous to a Town boundary. <br />k. The Town has complied with all conditions imposed by the Commission for inclusion <br />of the territory in the Town's Urban Service Area. <br />3. That all owners of land within the affected territory have provided written consent to the <br />reorganization and no subject agency has submitted written opposition to a waiver of protest <br />proceedings. <br />4. Pursuant to Section 56663(c) the Town waives protest proceedings. <br />Town Council /Parking Authority Resolution 2015 -063 <br />