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RESOLUTION 2015 -055 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN COUNCIL <br />OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />ADOPTING THE NORTH FORTY SPECIFIC PLAN. THE PLAN AREA COMPRISES <br />APPROXIMATELY 44 ACRES LOCATED AT THE NORTHERN EXTENT OF THE <br />TOWN OF LOS GATOS, BORDERED BY STATE ROUTE 17 AND STATE ROUTE 85 <br />FREEWAYS TO THE WEST AND NORTH, LOS GATOS BOULEVARD TO THE <br />EAST, AND LARK AVENUE TO THE SOUTH. APN 424-07-009,010,024 THROUGH <br />027, 031 THROUGH 037, 052 THROUGH 054, 060, 063 THROUGH 065, 070, 081 <br />THROUGH 086, 090, 094 THROUGH 095, 099, 100, 102 THROUGH 112,424-06-115,116, <br />AND 129. <br />ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT: EIR -10 -002 <br />GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENTS: GP -14 -001 <br />ZONING CODE AMENDMENT: Z -14 -001 <br />WHEREAS: <br />A. The applicant, the Town of Los Gatos, proposes to adopt a Specific Plan for the <br />North Forty Area (area bounded by Lark Avenue, Los Gatos Boulevard, Highway 85 and <br />Highway 17) with a maximum development capacity of up to 364 housing units and 580,000 <br />square feet of non - residential uses. Of the non - residential uses, the maximum development <br />capacities are up to 250,000 square feet of office /hotel, and up to 400,000 square feet of other <br />commercial (such as retail, restaurants, specialty market, health clubs, personal service, and <br />entertainment). At least 30% of the area (approximately 13.2 acres) would be open space. <br />The North Forty Specific Plan includes General Plan Amendments (GP -14 -001), Zoning <br />Code Amendment (Z-14 -001), and an Environmental Impact Report (EIR -10 -002). <br />B. A draft Specific Plan for this area was written in 1999, but was not adopted. <br />C. In 2010, the Los Gatos Town Council adopted an updated General Plan, called the <br />2020 General Plan which required the preparation of a Specific Plan for the North 40 and <br />1 <br />