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WHEREAS, Council finds as follows: <br />A. In accordance with Town Code section 29.20.300: <br />a. New information was submitted to the Council during the appeal process <br />that was not readily and reasonably available for submission to the <br />Commission and <br />b. There was no error or abuse of discretion on the part of the Planning <br />Commission. <br />B. The project is in compliance with the Town Code and Residential Design Guidelines <br />for single - family homes not in hillside residential areas based on the testimony of the <br />applicant/appellant, the support of the neighborhood, and the citations and <br />interpretations made from the Town Code, Residential Design Guidelines, and <br />General Plan. <br />C. The proposed two story residence is lower in height than some one story homes, <br />revised plans meet the Town' Floor Area Ratio requirements, the proposed home fits <br />the neighborhood, the project has neighborhood support, and the project further <br />reduces tree impacts by moving the proposed structure further from the tree. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: <br />1. The appeal of the decision of the Planning denying a request to demolish an <br />existing single - family residence and to construct a new single - family residence property zoned <br />R -1:8 is granted. <br />2. The Conditions of Approval attached hereto as Exhibit A are hereby adopted as <br />the Conditions of Approval for this permit. <br />3. The decision constitutes a final administrative decision pursuant to Code of Civil <br />