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b. Review policies and procedures on streets and trails. <br />c. Review periodic inventories of bikeways and walkways that exist or may be <br />needed, and interpret the needs of the public within these areas to staff. <br />d. Appoint one member of the Commission as a representative of the Town to serve <br />on the Valley Transportation Authority Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory <br />Commission. <br />i. Appointments shall be for a term of one year. <br />ii. Should the Bicycle Advisory Commission fail to appoint a member of the <br />Commission, the Town Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission will <br />consider members of other standing Commissions. <br />iii. Appointee shall provide written and/or oral reports at each regularly <br />scheduled meeting. <br />4. Not to affect powers of Town Council. Nothing in this resolution shall be construed <br />as restricting or curtailing any of the powers of the Town Council, or as a delegation <br />to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission of any of the authority or <br />discretionary powers vested and imposed by law in such Council. The Town Council <br />declares that the public interest, convenience, welfare and necessity require the <br />appointment of a Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission to act in a purely <br />advisory capacity to such Council for the purposes enumerated in this resolution. <br />5. Resolution 2005 -39 is rescinded effective upon the date of the first meeting of the <br />Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission. <br />