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c. The term of office shall be for one (1) year for appointments by the <br />Transportation and Parking, Parks, and Youth commissions with no limitations on <br />reappointments, one (1) year for appointments by the Los Gatos Safe Routes to <br />School Committee, and three (3) years for appointments by the Town Council. <br />Terms shall begin January 1 and end December 31. Initial Town Council <br />appointments shall be one (1) commissioner for a three year term, one <br />commissioner for a two (2) year term, and one commissioners for a one (1) year <br />term, so as to avoid terms expiring concurrently <br />d. Commission members shall serve without compensation. <br />e. The Commission shall hold regular meetings at least bi- monthly, with <br />adjustments to the frequency as required to meet the necessary obligations of the <br />Town and the Commission. <br />f. The Commission shall establish a regular time and location for its meetings and <br />shall otherwise call and conduct its meetings in compliance with the provisions of <br />the Ralph M. Brown Act (Government Code Sections 54950 and following). <br />g. Staff services as required shall be provided to the Commission by the Parks and <br />Public Works Director, or designee, who shall also serve as Secretary of the <br />Commission without vote. <br />h. Meeting attendance requirements will conform with current Town Resolution <br />2011 -012: Amending Attendance Requirements for Members of All Town <br />Commissions, Committees, and Boards, and Rescinding Resolution 2003 -136 and <br />Resolution 2003 -137. <br />i. A record of all minutes and resolutions of the Commission shall be kept and shall <br />be a public record. <br />3. Powers and Duties. <br />The duties of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission shall be to: <br />a. Act in an advisory capacity to the Town Council in matters pertaining to current <br />trends and experiences in enhancing multi -modal travel; integration of Town trails <br />and bike and pedestrian paths with neighboring jurisdictions; reviewing relevant <br />grant applications; focusing on transportation around schools, including <br />enhancing safe routes to schools efforts; reviewing and updating the Town's <br />Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan as needed; and related topics as directed by <br />the Town Council or requested by Town staff. <br />