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RESOLUTION 2015 -004 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN COUNCIL <br />OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />GRANTING APPROVAL OF CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT APPLICATION U -13 -017 <br />CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT APPLICATION: U -13 -017 <br />PROPERTY LOCATION: 106 E. MAIN STREET (APN: 529 -34 -108) <br />PROPERTY OWNER: TOWN OF LOS GATOS; <br />APPLICANT: MUSEUMS OF LOS GATOS <br />WHEREAS, this matter came before the Town Council for public hearing February 3, <br />2015, and was regularly noticed in conformance with State and Town law. <br />WHEREAS, the applicant seeks approval for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to <br />operate a museum (Museums of Los Gatos) and related activities on property zoned C -I:PD. <br />WHEREAS, on November 12 and December 10, 2014 the Planning Commission <br />considered a request for approval of CUP application U -13 -017 on property zoned C -1:PD. The <br />Planning Commission recommended approval of the request with modified Conditions of <br />Approval, finding that the proposed use of the property is essential or desirable to the public <br />convenience or welfare in that the use would provide the public art and history exhibits not <br />otherwise seen in Los Gatos; the proposed use will not impair the integrity and character of the <br />zone in that the use will be in a commercial zone and the proposed educational component is <br />consistent with other nearby uses; and the proposed use would not be detrimental to public <br />health, safety or general welfare in that conditions placed on the permit will mitigate potential <br />impacts; and the proposed use of the property is in harmony with the various elements or <br />objectives of the General Plan and the purposes of the Town Code as discussed within the <br />November 12, 2014 Planning Commission Staff Report. The Planning Commission also found <br />the request is Categorically Exempt pursuant to the adopted Guidelines for the Implementation <br />of the California Environmental Quality Act, Section 15301: Existing Facilities. The Planning <br />