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RESOLUTION 2015- 001 <br />RESOLUTION APPROVING INDUSTRIAL DISABILITY RETIREMENT <br />FOR MICHAEL MELTON <br />WHERAS, the Town Council of the Town of Los Gatos (hereinafter referred to as "Agency "), by action <br />dated June 21, 1999, under Section 21152, Government Code, granted to the Town Manager the authority to <br />determine is "industrial" within the meaning of Public Employees' Retirement Law; <br />WHERAS, after review of medical and other evidence relevant thereto, I hereby determine that Michael <br />Melton, a Local Safety Member of the Public Employees Retirement System, is substantially incapacitated for <br />performance of his duties in the position of Police Officer; <br />WHERAS, I also determined that such incapacity is a result of injury or disease arising out of and in the <br />course of his employment; <br />WHERAS, the Employee submitted an employee - initiated disability retirement application and was <br />subsequently separated from employment upon expiration of his leave rights on December 26, 2014. His last day <br />on pay status is December 26, 2014; <br />WHERAS, there is not a possibility of third -party liability; <br />WHERAS, the reason for the disability is low back injury; <br />WHERAS, advanced disability payments will be made to Employee until such time the Employee <br />receives monthly disability pension payments directly from CalPERS; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, Michael Melton is approved for an industrial <br />disability retirement. <br />Greg Larson, Town Manager <br />Appr as to form: <br />z e.Jf Az <br />Robert Schultz, Town tt uey <br />Date <br />Attest: <br />