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ATTACHMENT 2 <br />Page 2 of 9 <br />The work to be performed under this Agreement within the CITY will consist of installing <br />leveling course (as needed), placing a slurry seal treatment, adjusting storm drain manholes, <br />and striping. The work to be performed is more fully described in the document entitled “Scope <br />of Work” and “Engineer’s Estimate” set forth in Exhibit A and Exhibit B, attached and <br />incorporated by reference. Approximately 50% of Bicknell Road between Quito Road and Elm <br />Park is within the TOWN jurisdiction and 50% is within the CITY’s jurisdiction. <br /> <br />2. TOWN’S OBLIGATIONS: <br /> <br />TOWN agrees as follows: <br /> <br />A. To act as the lead agency to administer the design and construction of the PROJECT. <br />Administration shall include preparation of specifications, contract documents and cost <br />estimate; notification of local business; coordination with various agencies; preparation <br />of all necessary environmental documents; obtaining permits; obtaining bids; awarding <br />the construction agreement; administering the construction agreement; providing <br />materials control and inspection services; and making progress payments to the <br />contractor. <br /> <br />B. To provide CITY with final specifications and contract documents for the PROJECT. <br /> <br />C. To pay TOWN’s share of the PROJECT cost. The total PROJECT cost is defined as the <br />actual amount paid to the contractor plus ten percent (10%) for TOWN’s engineering, <br />construction and other administrative services. <br /> <br />D. To cause the contractor to provide a warranty period of at least two (2) years from the <br />acceptance date, consistent with Town of Los Gatos Construction Agreement. <br /> <br />E. To cooperate with CITY should CITY raise any issues concerning contractor’s work in <br />CITY’s jurisdiction that requires correction prior to acceptance or within the warranty <br />period. <br /> <br />F. The designated project manager for TOWN for the duration of the PROJECT is Kevin <br />Selfridge (phone number: 408-827-3549). TOWN’s project manager shall have all the <br />necessary authority to review and approve and accept technical and professional work <br />within the scope of the Agreement and shall serve as the principal point of contact with <br />CITY. CITY may request documentation of such costs, and may review the original <br />invoices and weight certificates or request copies of same, which shall be provided <br />within a reasonable time. <br />